“Bright white light fragmented into intensely saturated colors delivers fever dreams of free femininity. “

Born in Rome, Francesca Protopapa is an italian artist based in Paris since 2004. She loves to use the name of her favorite sea monster as a nickname: Pistrice.
Francesca likes to draw women, catch their eye and attitudes, being inspired by their stories and their dreams.  Trained in fine arts and graphic design, she works across media and publishing sectors. Her works display a fresh and modern graphic style, and she paints in bright colors with Posca markers, silkscreen and digital brushwork. Her works, which are frequently focused on the universe of women, are sought out by publishers, magazines, and festivals.

She also works as graphic designer on cultural communication projects and notably founded SQUAME in 2011 to promote young illustrators by publishing and exhibitions. From 2016 she collaborates with the artistic direction of ARF! Festival in Rome.

C l i e n t s


Samsung – FR
La Francaise des jeux – FR
Heineken – FR
Le chocolat des Français – FR
Open House Napoli – IT
GurYou – IT
Uni-Posca FR
PPPattern – IT
Creative-Cables – IT
Le Palle – IT
OutDoor Festival + Italianism – IT
Amagat Teatre – SP
MNAC Barcellona – SP
Lago Film Festival – IT
D.A.T.E. fashion sneakers – IT
MI AMI music festival – IT
Be my toys Festival – FR


Elle – IT
Le N. Magazine Littéraire – FR
Gala – FR
Avantages Magazine – FR
Muze – FR
Psychologie magazine – IT
Belfond, Presse de la cité – FR
Mondadori – IT
De Agostini – IT
Newton Compton Editori – IT
Piemme – IT
Fabrique Du Cinéma – IT
Overcup Press – US
Octopus Publishing – UK
Calmann-Lévy – FR
Racconti Edizioni – IT
Helbling Language – IT
Tunuè edizioni – IT
IdLivre Jeunesse – FR
Sinnos editore – IT


Squame – FR / IT
Scomodo – IT
Errratum journal – FR
Inuit – IT
Italianism / Illustri – IT
33T Tapirulan – IT
Effe Magazine – IT
Cadillac Magazine- IT
C&B magazine – IT
Tentacoli edizioni – IT
Popper magazine – Latvian
NurAnt magazine – IT

selected by:

▸ Tall Tree of Paris, book by Matt Wagner / Hellion Gallery – US
Le Eccellenze dell’illustrazione II– Regione Lazio – IT
50x50x50 the new italian illustration box – Illustri -IT

E x h i b i t i o n s

SOLO shows

Fauves : Le Scalze – Open House Napoli

Mandragore : SLOW Galerie – Paris

Mujeres : SHObcn Art Gallery – Barcelona

Dangereuses égéries : SLOW Galerie – Paris
Children illustrations : Punto Einaudi – Roma

Bestiario femminile : c.s. Brancaleone – Roma


À Bicyclette Galerie Glénat – Paris
Rêves Slow Galerie – Paris

The Chicken Brooklyn Show – New York
Tiger Paper – Mexico City

Matite per Riace – Italy
Love YourSELF –
Festival ARF! Roma
Gallerie Summertime 
, Illustri – Italy
Magari Festival 
Point Ephémère – Paris

Batman, Oscurità e Luce 
: Warner Bros – Italy
New Orleans : Champs-Élysées Festival – Paris

Mystiques Mystères
 : Slow Galerie – Paris
The Tall Tree of Paris : Arts Factory – Paris
Le Chocolat des Français : Sergeant Paper – Paris

Mirrors : Figura-Sfondo – Paris
Cheek to cheek : SLOW Galerie – Paris
33T – Ugo Tognazzi : Tapirulan – Cremona
Italianism / Illustri : OutDoor – Roma
The Big Meal : Chiken&Broccoli + ADI – Milano
Art/ctualié : ArtistikRezo Gallery – Paris
Graphiste : Sacripante Gallery – Roma

2014 – 2008
Faites vos voeux : SLOW Galerie – Paris
NOIR! : Galerie Julien Brugeas – Paris

I N T E R V I E W S / W E B P R E S S / A R T B L O G S

Marie-Claire Italy
PPPattern: le ragazze del Pistrice
Elita.it / Sensualità a colori
Artctualite / Vénus acidulées
The Chromatic Watch
Le Cool ROMA
Reportage Arf 2019
Quasimagraph / A portrait of il Pistrice
Ziguline : Il Kamasutra secondo Squame
Frizzi Frizzi : 10 foto
Picame : Un mostro marino…
IllustrAzione : Chi viene e chi va
Frizzi Frizzi : am il Pistrice
TG3 / Riccardo Corbò : Festival CRACK
Ziguline : italians in Europe