LOK Zine #10

LÖK ZINE# 10 DIMENSIONS / DIMENSIONI is a bilingual (english and italian) comics and illustration anthology, with more than 120 pages in colors, paperback, size A4 8,3 x 11,7 “.
LÖK ZINE is an independent comics and illustration magazine.The guiding theme changes in each issue and artists from all over the world give life to them.

Dimension represents the degrees of freedom with which a point can move in space, these degrees are described by measures that define a shape and a size. We’re talking about big, small, narrow, large, but also about dimensions in a wider sense, the space, the relationship we have with it and parallel universes, everything told through our authors’ hands.


– If you woke up tomorrow in a different dimension what would it be like?
I’d see flying cats, talking dogs and fluttering midges… something like a cross between a kawaii and a protozoic era. I’d then wear my red combat boots and orange socks, I’d get out and everything would be just the same as always… beautiful and crooked at the same time.
– Dimensions: how did the new format of LÖK ZINE and the chance to use color on longer stories inspire you?I’d been waiting quite some time for this chance, I do not shine in black and white and my black and white works always end up looking like a coloring album. My work starts from color, from stains becoming shapes, becoming gazes, becoming things that probably only I can appreciate, but in the end that’s okay, I’m good with it.
– Gulliver, Hop-o’-My-Thumb , gnomes, giants… if you could change your size what would you chose and why?
Nice question… I think gnomes would best suit me… they’re the right size to fit into tree holes and they’re not too small to enjoy a pizza. And you know bearded lady… (Translator’s note: this is a quote of an Italian saying that goes something like “bearded ladies admired through the ages!”)
– How did you find out about LÖK ZINE?
Ehhhhhhh, when I met her she was thiiiis small! I still remember it crying, so cute! I think that was in Bologna, it was snowing outside and she already had the colors of spring. ❤