Matite per Riace

Exhibition to support Domenico Lucano mayor of Riace (Italy)

The project of migrant-integration of Riace was born back in 2001, out of a “simple” stroke of genius: let’s try to make something positive out of a negative scenario, that is, a declining population growth.
It was such a simple principle that pushed the local administration of Riace to let migrants take the place of former Italian inhabitants of its village. As a result, Riace was able to keep basic social and education services running. The local economy flourished. Likewise, thanks to its social activities, Riace was able to offset the long-lasting isolation of the region Locride and to affirm itself as one of the most precious projects of migrant integration worldwide.

Riace has become an exemplary integration project,  the lessons of which have been applied in serval other locations in Calabria and across Italy.

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